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Application range: QR code scanning


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  • Barcode Scanner
    It is a hand-held 2D scanner with high resolution. It is able to scan in a short distance and scan all 1D and 2D barcode of low quality from different angles. With efficiency and low price, It is competitiveon the market and be widely used in commerce, medical treatment industry, logistics management. Like a laser scanner, its red aiming line scans the barcode and identifies the barcode directly. Besides, it can work in high frequency and identify barcode even under complex light conditions.
  • Characteristics:

    Able to scan in every angle
    Able to do the secondary development
    Able to identify screen barcode
    Able to identify multicolor barcode
    Various function configurations
    Not having to aim at the barcode precisely
    Able to identify all 1D barcode
    Able to identify all 1D barcode
    Designed according to ergonomic
    Able to output several barcodes simultaneously
    Decoding quickly
    Flexible API calls
  • 1.Q:Can your products be customized? 
        A: Almost all of our products are customized, including the material,size,thickness and printing. 
            OEM orders are highly welcome.
    2.Q:What artwork format do you support? 
        A:Usually AI,coreldraw,PSD,PDF format are supported,artwork need to be editable.
            JPG format supported when it's above 300dpi.
    3.Q:What is the MOQ?
        A: MOQ is 1set.
    4.Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
        A:ZDCARD is a professional plastic and smart card manufacture for 14 years,we have a 30000 square meters factory,welcome your visit.
    5.Q:When is convenient to visit your factory?
        A: The working days of our company and factory is 9:00-12:30,14:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday.
            We will arrange our driver to pick up you anywhere in shenzhen if you decide to visit our factory.
  • Office Address: B739-740, Huayuan Innovation Park, No. 168 Baoyuan Rd, Baoan District, Shenzhen 518102, China
    Factory Address: No.10 Dakang Road, Henggang Industrial Zone, Shenzhen, China
    Tel: +86-755- 23080249, 23080249, 23080267
    Fax: +86-755- 23084679